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Ockam Dealers

Ockam Dealers NORTH AMERICA California Artie Means, 3230 tennyson st san diego, CA 92106 Contact Artie Means. Tel  (619)990-0116 Fax. (619)223-9997 Email Craig Marine Services, 319 Rosecrans Street, San Diego CA 92106 Contact John Craig. Tel: (619)206-5060 Fax: (619)223-0392 Email Farallon Electronics, 2346B Marinship Way, Sausalito CA

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Lightning Damage

I wrote the following letter to the editor in response to the article titled “Keep Your Insurance Paid Up” in Scuttlebutt 2747: A lightning strike contains an impressive amount of energy. Temperatures in a lightning bolt can easily exceed those found on the surface of the sun,

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Winter Hibernation

Putting the boat away for the winter…It’s a sad time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. Unless you’re one of those die-hard few that keeps sailing your big boat in the winter, it’s time to put away the big toy until next spring. Most people are very

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Troubleshooting a load cell

Alas, the plight of the ignoble load cell: doomed to ride for eternity at the point of a knife, dunked in salt water ever and anon, but expected to work flawlessly. Load cells are a tremendous help when tuning the rig for different conditions. They are especially

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Sqeaky electronics get the grease

On most mechanical systems, you can tell when something absolutely needs more grease. It starts to squeak and things don’t work as well. You add grease, and everything gets better (most of the time). Do you need grease on electronics? You bet, especially on marine electronics! Now

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Broken Glass

Every once and a while, I get a Matryx display with a broken lens. It usually happens when someone puts a knee into the glass to brace themselves while pulling on a winch. I’ve even done it. The way I figure, each crew member will only do

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