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Sailing Performance

Sailing Performance

Sailing Performance

Sailing performance encompasses many things, including crew skill, crew training, sail shapes, rigging, equipment as well as many other factors that affect how fast a sailboat gets around a race course. A successful sailboat racing program optimizes every aspect of sailing performance to ensure that they win more sailboat races. Proper crew preparation is crucial, and the boat preparation is just as important. But if you arrive prepared, information on the race course is what affects the outcome of the race the most, and that information comes from your Sailing Instruments. Learn more

Instruments compensate for not having focused your entire life on sailing. Brain power and instruments give you an advantage over butt sailors

How Sailing Instruments affect Sailing Performance

Using a modern sailing instrument system is probably the one thing that can produce the greatest gains on the racecourse, and in your regatta results. Consider the following:

  • Detecting and acting on a 5° wind shift is worth 100 seconds/mile. Learn more
  • Wind shifts are annoying but they provide more opportunity for gain than anything else. Learn how to wring maximum gain from shifts.
  • Half a knot of current gains, or costs, you 50 seconds/mile. In order to know what the current is, you need a good instrument system so you can use or avoid the current. Learn more
  • Accurately calling laylines can gain multiple positions. Each time. Learn more
  • Predicting the next leg apparent wind for precise sail selection and setup creates an advantage. Learn more
  • Knowing the starting line favored end, and the time to the line wins starts, and races. Learn more

Ockam Sailing Instruments also help with Crew Training

Tacking is a complicated “all-crew” maneuver that can only be improved by practice. And for effective crew practice, you need to have a tack score so you know when your sailing performance has actually improved. Tack Analysis can provide an accurate way to analyze your crew’s performance in a tack, and help them improve. The difference between a good tack and a bad tack is hundreds of feet lost to weather, and that doesn’t take into consideration possible personnel or gear damage. Tacking is a critically important part of racing, so using Ockam Instruments tack analysis will increase your crew’s skill level and produce better Sailing Performance.  Learn more

Good sailing performance comes from many, many factors, but a great sailing instrument system, like Ockam Instruments, can often be the most significant factor. To get the most benefit from your instrument system, you need the most functions, and Ockam instruments pride themselves on offering the most functions, and the greatest improvements to your sailing performance.

Ockam Instruments EyeApp Sailboat Racing Software running on an iPadOnce you have the functions, you also need to display them in a way that conveys the information quickly and understandably. Most instruments only have numeric readouts, so it’s up to you to interpret and remember them. This takes time, is prone to wishful thinking, and imperfect recollection. Ockam has created graphical sailing displays that provide improved situational awareness. These graphical displays are available on several platforms; the Vysion embedded display, a PC application (OckamSoft 5), and a server application (EyeApp) that allows any mobile device with a browser to use the graphical information. Information that is easier to process leads to more wins. Improve your sailing performance with better displays.

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