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Sailing Instruments Hardware

Sailing Instruments Hardware

Sailing instruments hardwareSailing instruments hardware converts sensor data (wind, boatspeed, heading etc.) into useful functions.

Sailing instruments hardware dos not replace your senses, it enhances and validates them. They provide information about things you can’t sense directly, like true wind and current. They are vital for comparing performance with target speed, calculating time to laylines and many other items crucial to increasing your probability of winning.

See the details of the Ockam system hardware.

If you don’t measure it well, you can’t improve it

True wind

Boatspeed is certainly an important item to keep tabs on, but for racing, nothing beats true wind speed and direction. (Why is True Wind so Important?)

Pile of sailsThe economics of true wind


To get true wind information, at a minimum you will need sensors, a processor and at least one display. Each year you must also allocate resources for calibration and maintenance. There is also the need for crew organization and training in order to get the maximum benefit from the information.

Over and above normal maintenance, keeping a boat in racing trim includes extra sail maintenance and replacement, transportation, crew cost, food and lodging, keeping the hull clean and many, many other things.


Only you can put a price on finishing in the money over just being there. However, assuming you want to get the most return on your sailing investment, reliable true wind is a good place to place your bet.

Reliable wind direction is worth more than a new set of sails

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