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Instrument Support

This page provides knowledge about how your system should work, how to fix it and how to add helpful items to improve them.

Classic devices now available

Classic devices are the components of Ockam systems. They include processors, displays and interfaces that provide sensor inputs. You can buy them by going to


Ockam service and support is now available.  We have most OEM parts and expertise to keep your system running.  Bill Fanizzo in Chicago has been designated by Dick McCurdy as the Ockam Service Center and support.  Bill has been servicing 005’s for several years and is now rebuilding Matrix and Magnum displays.  Service is also available for most interfaces and the 001 CPU (gray box).  If you have questions about OS2, OS4 or OS5 software those questions can be answered as well.  He is in constant communication with Mr. McCurdy for the resolution of any deep problems.  We also have sourced replacement displays, interfaces or CPU’s.  Display covers for all displays are also available now. Give Bill a call or email to discuss your needs before shipping.

Phone: 312-218-0339
Shipping address: Bill Fanizzo, 195 North Harbor Dr. # 1105, Chicago, IL 60601

Ockam Magnums

We have discovered that the LED lighting in the Ockam Magnums do deteriorate in brightness over the years. We have seen significant improvement in brightness in displays as “new” as 1996 as much as 2-3 times. If there is one defective LED it can make them totally unreadable at night so the gain in visibility even more. Replacing all (4) LED’s only is $225 US plus shipping. There can be problems with the fibers that conduct the light (which we have) but that is rare. We have the LCD’s and also covers for the displays provided you have 3/8’s inch between them.

Ockam Matryx

We can repair the 007’s as well.  If your display fades in bright sunlight, pages erratically or has lines we have the cure.  We use a new LCD module and add a temperature compensation circuit to solve the fading problem. New LCD module will solve the lines issue as well as if it is generally hard to read.   If your lens is cracked or the overlay is tired new replacements are available.  Give me a call or send a picture.




Display covers improve the life span of your displays by preventing the LCDs from being faded out by sunlight.


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