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Ockam Classic Devices

Bill Fanizzo
Ockam Global Service Center
196 N. Harbor Drive
Suite # 1105
Chicago, IL 60601

In Mr. McCurdy’s (Ockam founder) commitment to service loyal Ockam customers we have collected and will continue to collect Ockam devices to redistribute to people that realize the reliability of Ockam Instruments.  They can continue to upgrade or expand their system as in the past and realize there is no need to invest in a newer system.

In our repair function over the last several years we have collected Ockam components which have been restored and are now for sale.  All items have been repaired with OEM parts and fully inspected.

  1. 005, Matryx and Magnum displays have been completely restored not just been passed on.
  2. Most of the interfaces both the new type and the older type.
  3. 001 CPU’s (gray box) with the latest software and new internal battery.
  4. Trades accepted

Currently on hand call for pricing and availability


  1. RS232, Model 050 C & D
  2. GPS, Model 041
  3. Depth interface, Model 028 A2 & 028 A
  4. Load Cell, Model 066 &, Model 067
  5. T2 Multiplex
  6. Apparent Wind 022
  7. Boat Speed, Model 015
  8. Compass interface 032 C &032 A
  9. Performance interface, Model 037


  1. Matryx
  2. Magnum
  3. 005


  1. 001’s

System Support

  1. Long time knowledge of the Ockam System of how it works and how to get the most out of what you have. Over the years since 1989 we have worked with Ockam systems learning the ins and outs on it works and maintaining the highest level of performance that was designed into it.  If you buy something or not we can help you keep your Ockam System performing
  2. OS 4 & OS 5
  3. Sales and real time support for OS 4 & 5
  4. We now can to put together a complete system with refurbished and new components.


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