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It’s been a very long time…

… since I’ve updated this blog. The recent economic unpleasantness certainly had an effect on the yachting industry, with some big names going out of business or changing in dramatic fashion. Ockam Instruments is still here, producing some interesting products. We have produced a new version of

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041 GPS Interface sale

How does St. Nick know where to steer his sleigh? He must have a GPS connected to the Ockam system in his sleigh! Being the patron saint of sailors, St. Nicolas wants you to know where you are, too. Place your order for an 041 GPS interface

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Vysion demo program

The Vysion displays are up and running on a few boats now, and all who have used them are quite happy. They are highly visible, can be almost infinitely customized, and have several features not found on any other display. We now have a demo program available

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12 meter worlds

Congratulations to Victory ‘83 for winning the Modern division at the 12M Worlds. The crew worked hard to get that victory. We have worked with them over many months to refine many points of the instrument system and help develop new training solutions. All that hard work

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Titan XV in action

Here’s a YouTube clip of the new Titan in action… note the Ockam displays at the mast and helm.

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Congratulations to the crew of Velos!!!

Daniel Forster photo from 2009 Rolex Big Boat Series web site A BIG congratulations to Kjeld Hestehave and the crew of Velos on their outstanding performance in class IRC B of the 2009 Rolex Big Boat Series in San Francisco. You can’t get better than 6 first

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Works in progress

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The Politics of Calibration

The story of one boat having calibration problems was recently relayed to us. The crew was having difficulty obtaining reasonable numbers from their instrument system, so they began to “calibrate” the instruments. I used quotes because what they were doing was not actually calibration, but fiddling and

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First Lessons from DeWiggler

We’re entering the second year of public release of DeWiggler, and there is now enough data to make some general conclusions. Probably the single most important conclusion gleaned from the data analysis concerns the compass. The first half of the DeWiggler tests calibrate the boat speed (Vs)

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An old [sea] dog learns new tricks

I just received an email from Kjeld Hesthave, the owner of the Tanton 73 “Velos”, regarding the 2008 Pacific Cup (the “fun race” to Hawaii). He was letting me know of their 2nd place finish in class F (big boats), with a 13th place overall. The great

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