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True wind statistics have been added to the T1 processor beginning revision 20.05. These functions are designed to help in decisions involving laylines, Vmc sailing and sail selection. There are six parameters displayed in round-robin order.

Function Example Description
Wind direction Mt:224 The average wind direction over the last hour.
Trend Tr:+5.1 The persistent shift of wind direction over the last hour (in degrees/hr). The example reads "wind direction has trended clockwise (+) 5.1º over the last hour".
Shift Sh:5.5 The RMS wind shift (in degrees). The example reads "5º each way from mean".
Velocity true Vt:12.6 The average true wind speed over the last hour.
Puff Pf:4.5 The RMS variability in true wind speed. The example Vt and Pf together read "true wind has been 12.6 knots ±4.5 knots in the last hour".
Peak wind Pk:17/15 The highest windspeed (over a 5 second average) and how long ago it occured (in minutes) during the last hour. The example reads "highest wind was 17 knots, 15 minutes ago".

These Shift and Puff items are statistical; there are two other functions that give the current differences in wind direction and speed from the mean (see Shift and Puff).

Error codes associated with the Statistics output are:
181 Not enough data to calculate statistics. After 10 minutes of steady data, this error should go away.
182 No wind direction available or unstable conditions. Check your system for boatspeed, apparent wind and heading.
183 No tacks. Tacking is required in order to detect wind shear.

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