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OckamSoft 5

The latest version is C304, dated 8/27/13 Check out the new features.
We're also working on Saved Tacks, a driver tool to help improve cals and handling.
We also have an OS5 presentation (PDF 585Kb) (PPT 760Kb)
The previous version, OckamSoft 4 is still available.


OS5 now includes EyeApp™ the mobile app for OS5.
EyeApp allows any mobile device to be used as an OS5 display.
With an internet connection, your friends can also watch from anywhere.

QR code to EyeApp demo


OckamSoft 5 addresses modern color graphics and the confluence of Ethernet, WiFi and Internet technologies, and the multiple devices that can exploit data from them. The display apps Race, EyeApp™ and Vysion™ are designed for different platforms, but all provide a consistent presentation of sailing data. You can run mutiple instances of them at the same time, and they will all work together.

Race is optimized for traditional PCs.
EyeApp™ (the mobile display app) is optimized for mobile devices.
Vysion™ (the embedded display) is optimized for fixed displays (e.g. mast displays).

These are all registered graphical display applications which show pages of data. See Pages for details.

How OS5 improves your racing knowledge and success

Graphical display format

As much as possible, OS5 displays information in graphical form. This condenses more data onto a single glance and makes vital information faster and easier to recognize and assimilate than numerics.

Starting line

Provides important information to improve your starting.

  • Accurate estimates of when you will cross the line.
  • Which end is favored and by how many seconds.
  • Where the wind is in its shift and puff range
  • And more…

Wind information

OS5 presents true wind in several formats that give you an instant knowledge of where the wind is in its shift and puff range (including active and left-right laylines), and geographically. There are also statistical outputs that include a measure of shift frequency, amplitude and trend. (Why true wind is so important)

An important factor in winning  is knowing how to take advantage of wind shifts. Here is a page that goes into the subject in more detail.

Performance monitoring

Winning means getting the most out of your boat at all times. If you don't know what that is, you have at least one hand tied behind your back. Polars are one of the keys to knowing. OS5 includes a polar page which shows you how you are doing rellative to your polars.

Remote Coach™

Support applicatios

Several other applications support the main applications of OS5.
Driver (free) Is the 'switchyard' and 'database slinger'. It is responsible for melding and distributing both live data (i.e. from the instruments), and 'static' data such as settings, registration and marks and courses. When an app pings a mark, it's the driver's job to tell all the other apps so they all remain in sync. Details are covered in the separate document OS5driver.pdf.
Is the startup application for OS5. It provides a single click method for starting any of the OS5 front line apps, and any other apps you choose.
Chart browser (registered) Is a ‘chart mower’ used to download charts for use by the display apps. The job can be done directly in a display app, but it is somewhat tedious. Chart browser is a lot easier. Details are covered in the separate document LoadingCharts.
SPedit (registered) Is the sail plan editor. You can access it from the Race prep/SailPlan tab of the driver. Details are covered in the separate documents SailPlanExplained and BuildingSailPlan.

OS5 Applications
Driver The driver component provides instrument connectivity, database distribution and Remote Coach™ services to all applications on your boat's network.
More information...
OS5Race This is the primary display for OS5, optimized for PCs. Pages include Starting Line, Racecourse, SailPlan and numerics. Man overboard control and display is also included.
More information...
EyeApp™ This is the mobile app for OS5. It lets you use any mobile device as a display. If you plan to use charting, it is recommended you also purchase Chart Browser to do the downloading.. More information...
Chart browser This is an off-line chart harvester, used to download chart tiles more completely and efficiently than using any of the OS5 display app's download-on-demand functionality.
More information...
Log scanner This is a log viewer with tack analysis capability.
Sailplan™ editor SailPlan™ is a sail crossover chart with an overlay of current wind conditions. It is an available screen in OS5 Race, EyeApp™ and the embedded Vysion display.
More information...
UDP monitor This is a troubleshooting tool to sniff out and observe the UDP broadcast.
WebItems This is a utility for browsing and cropping pages for display on Race.
Vysion The Vysion is an embedded system and display that runs a stand-alone version of OS5race. It can be used as a mast display or wired cockpit display.
More information...

OS5 prices

OS5Race - display application for PCs $1295.00
2nd machine or replacement (to same owner)
Upgrade from OS4
EyeApp - display application for mobile devices $495.00
2nd machine or replacement (to same owner)
Extra boat keys
Chart browser - offline chart harvesting tool $295.00
SPedit - SailPlan editor $195.00
LogScanner - graphical viewer for log files $195.00

All components include driver and support applications
Refer to Registration.pdf for details on how to buy OS5
Purchase OckamSoft 5 at our online store.

OS5.2 new features (411Kb PDF)
OS5 Quick start (1,3Mb PDF)
OckamSoft 5 manual (1.3Mb PDF)
OS5driver manual (165Kb PDF)
OS5 pages (1.3Mb PDF)
EyeApp mobule app manual (254Kb PDF)
Loading charts (474Kb PDF)
Marks and courses (23Kb PDF)
Sailplan explained (282Kb PDF)
Building your own SailPlan (1.7Mb PDF)
Application registration (21Kb PDF)
Presentation (PDF 585Kb) (PPT 760Kb)
Before you install OS5:
If you are unsure of the status of your computer's .NET framework, or are having trouble installing OS5, we recommend following these links (in order) to install the correct versions of the framework (versions 3.5 and 4 full packages),.

Note: Windows 7 steals port 5005 (the default UDP broadcast port)  for media streaming services.

.NET 3.5 SP1 framework install

.NET 4 framework install
If you have installed a previous version of OckamSoft 5, you will need to uninstall it before installing version 5.2.

Download OS5 (rev C304 8/27/13) (Windows MSI installer 16 Mb).

Grant Dumas has contributed a web server application that pushes Ockam data to web enabled devices. Read more...

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