Sailing at a higher level

Remote control
Remote control uses User Output syntax on tag '@'.

Magnum & Matryx
aka 'Jumbo'

Syntax: U@=JNumberCommand[Arg(s)]
Number (1 to 15) defines the display address.
Cmd Function Args
M Set Menu
(Magnum only)
1 to 15
S Set selection 1 to 15
+ (increment)
- (decrement)
T (Top)
B (Bottom)
T Display tag
Magnum, only 1
Matryx up to 4
Tag list
D Display text text
L Set light Level 0 to 9
Example: U@=J1S+ advances Jumbo #1 to next page/menu item.

Lynx Remote

Syntax: U@=LNumberCommand[Arg(s)]
Number (1 to 16) defines the Lynx address.
Cmd Function Args
A Change address
Must send twice.
1 to 16
B Read out cmd
m button #
c command #
Replies on Tag
C Set button cmd
m button #
sets Cmd
appends Cmd
D Debug
Repeat commands on tag
V Send version
Send version on tag
Z Flash the light
Flash light for dur .1 sec
Example: U@=L1CU@=J1S+ sets Lynx 1 button 1 to advance Jumbo 1 to next page/menu item.


Syntax: U@=OSlotCommand
Slot (1 to 16) specifies the software application.

OS4 Racecourse uses Slot=1
Cmd Function
O1N Advance to next leg
O1P or O1P0
Ping closest mark
Ping origin mark
Ping pin
Example: U@=O1S switches Racecourse to the next leg.

OS4 Logging uses Slot=2
Cmd Function
Turn off logging
Turn on logging
O2Ctext Log comment text
If log is off, turns it on
Other software applications can use slots 5 thru 16.

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