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Sailing at a higher level

Knowledge wins races. Ockam Instruments is committed to providing that knowledge:
  • Through accuracy of the most technologically advanced instruments available.
  • Through research and development of new race winning techniques.
  • Through education for you and your crew.
  • Through exemplary service and support
Ockam is the proven leader in performance sailing information systems.

Why instruments are so important
Detecting and acting on a 5º shift gets you
100 seconds/mile
Half a knot of current gains or costs you
50 seconds/mile.
You need sailing instruments to be on top of true wind and its antics. Wind direction lets you see even small wind shifts so you can get onto the lifted tack, get onto the favored side of the fleet and call laylines perfectly. Current is a big player for sailboats. Most instrument systems don't calculate this important value, so it's up to the navigator. Knowledge of current will get you better results than a new set of sails.
These factors apply whether you have instruments or not. If you want to be on top of them, you need instruments.
Why are we teling you this? Because we provide, by far, the best solution for wind direction and current.
To find out more...
If you want to win more and be happier while doing it, contact us.
No matter what kind of instruments you have, we can help you.

What's New

After racing as navigator on Phil and Wendy Lotz's Ockam equipped S42 'Arethusa' for the 2012 Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach Race and the Sailfish Club Ocean Challenge, Artie Means gave us this equipment report:

"This expedition/Ockam combo is what everyone has wanted. Easier & more stable than WTP, more function than h3000"

Contact us to learn how the combination of ease, stability, and greater functionality can work for you!
  • Seasons greetings! The Ockam U manual makes a great stocking stuffer or crew gift for every sailor on your list.
  • The Ockam U manual is now available as an eBook. Order yours today.
  • We've restyled our Facebook page. Take a gander.
  • OS5 is at revision 5.2. There are lots of new features. Take a look.
  • Longevity award to the 1-ton True North, starting its God-knowsth season. Her Ockams were made in 1984 for the 12-meter True North and subsequently transplanted. They're still running and upgradable. Amortize that!
  • VICTORY ‘83 wins first in the modern division at the 12 Meter Worlds
  • Bill Wildner's Mr. Bill's Wild Ride takes first at the J35 North Americans. 5 bullets!


OS5 is designed to provide data services to multiple applications and hardware items on the boat, and even extending out of the confines of the hull.
Web page.

The OS5 driver can tweet!

is a new program for automatically troubleshooting and calibrating your boat. There are two flavors:
  • DeWigglerPro™ is an expert-driven program where an authorized calibrator comes aboard and sets up your system.
  • DeWigglerAnalyst™ is a program you run yourself. When you send the data files in, recommendations are returned by email.

Read more about it...
    DeWiggler presentation (516Kb PDF)
    DeWigglerAnalyst manual (202Kb PDF)
    Web page

Contact us
Ockam Instruments Inc.
215 Research Drive #1
Milford CT 06460
(203)878-0572 Fax
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