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The last group of items is the actual start metrics - starting line information and timing.
  • If you're using racing software, ping both ends of the line to set up the course.
  • Deternine the favored end.
    Run the line in both directions. The mark with the lesser true wind angle (without regard to sign) is favored.
    The amount of favor is half the sum of the true wind angles (5). The approximate distance to weather advantage is the length of the line times this angle divided by 50 (60ft).
  • Time the line.
    Determine how long it takes to run the line on starboard. You will need to know this if you don't want to overrun the pin.
  • Practice Vanderbilt starts.
    A Vanderbilt start is where you go to a certain location (the takeoff point) from the right end, round up on starboard at your optimum upwind sailing angle and hit the line at full speed exactly when the gun goes off.

    Reset Back R/B at the starting line, then use Back Range & Bearing to establish a consistent takeoff point.

    Adjust this point as necessary so on the run to the line, you are at the optimum sailing angle, and going full speed before you expect to encounter enemy traffic.
  • Start your stopwatch 1 class ahead.
    Then at the 5 minute gun, which you will be ready for, use Sync to set it exactly.

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