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Some links are to Acrobat PDF files. Double-clicking will open them in Adobe Acrobat reader. Right-click and save the file to your hard disk to read offline.

Flyers (PDF)
Matryx Display (22k) Featuring 1 to 4 items per page, graphical stripcharts, portrait or landscape format and system control, our newest display brings a new level of control to the Ockam System.
Magnum Display (21k) If you need maximum visibility, this large format remote-control display is for you.
The new Eye wireless display. (160k) Instrument display and control in your pocket.
Polars on Ockam (21k) Polars have become an indispensable tool for the serious racer. Find out more about them and how they're used in the Ockam system.
Price List (70k) The latest price list.
Ockam U order form (51k) Order the Ockam U manual.

#2 Q1 - 2012 (163k PDF) Second issue.
#1 Q2 - 2011 (67k PDF) First issue.
Summer 2006 (148k PDF) Highlights the NY42 class and Lat's journey to Finland to schmooze with the folks at Nautor.
KWRW 2007 (254k PDF) Ockam's race results and some blow-by-blow.

System documentation (PDF)
Ockam System manual (2.3MB) The complete system manual in PDF format.
Tryad T1 manual (284k) Manual for the new Tryad CPU.
Tryad T2 interface manual (119k) Manual section for the Tryad multiplex (Boatspeed + Wind + NMEA) interface.
Tryad T2 quick-start guide (21k) Setup guide for the Tryad multiplex (Boatspeed + Wind + NMEA) interface.
ESP handeld manual (254k) The complete ESP manual in PDF format.

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