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Laser Gun
Laser Rangefinder & Interface
2-Boat Test, Competitor tracking & Navigation Tool

Interfacing a laser rangefinder with the Ockam system has been commonplace on America’s Cup boats for well over a decade. Uses include monitoring performance of another boat (or boats) and position “pinging” of marks or obstructions. Accurate knowledge of the competitor’s position is an especially powerful tool, whether racing or analyzing data in a leapfrog development program. The benefit of accurate, real world position fixing of navigation features is self-evident, given that your GPS position on a chart doesn’t always correlate to the actual positions of rocks and reefs!

Integration and Display
When connected to the system, each pull of the rangefinder’s trigger provides a display of target range and bearing. Multiple targets may be identified: selected by a control switch on the interface.
The laser gun and interface are available for rent.
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