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OckamSoft 5

OckamSoft 5OckamSoft 5 is a modular software package that produces graphical displays, controls the instrument system, and provides connectivity via the internet for remote services.


OckamSoft 5 addresses modern color graphics and the confluence of Ethernet, WiFi and Internet technologies, and the multiple devices that can exploit data from them. The display apps Race, EyeApp™ and Vysion™ are designed for different platforms, but all provide a consistent presentation of sailing data. You can run multiple instances of them at the same time, and they will all work together.

OS5 is free to install and run in demo mode. Learn more about what apps require registration...
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OckamSoft 5 features

  • Many graphic page types including starting, racecourse, chart+AIS, engine, stripchart, polars and numerics (see Graphical Displays for details).
  • Graphical pages can be viewed on any mobile device (see EyeApp™).
  • Modular design – OS5 components can run on one or many machines at the same time.
  • Ethernet/Internet/WiFi distribution – OS5 data transports over these media, including authorized recipients off the boat.
  • Application sync – when one OS5 app changes something, e.g. pinging the starting line, all the other apps get the memo.

OckamSoft 5 Graphical Displays

OS5 provides graphical output for 3 different platforms;

  • Race is optimized for traditional PCs.
  • Vysion™ (the embedded display) is optimized for fixed displays (e.g. mast displays).
  • EyeApp™ (the mobile display app) is optimized for mobile devices.

There can be multiple OS5 applications running on different platforms at the same time.

 OckamSoft 5 main applications

  • Race – the main display application for PCs.
  • EyeApp™ – the application that serves up OS5 pages for mobile apps.
  • Vysion™ – the display application for dedicated monitors.

 OckamSoft 5 Support applications

  • OS5 Driver – generates or accepts instrument data streams, synchronizes data between other OS5 components and does the logging functions
  • OS5Starter – desktop widget to simplify startup.
  • Chart browser – downloads charts from the internet.
  • SPedit – SailPlan™ crossover chart editor.
  • LogScanner – Log file viewer.
  • AcalAdjust – AutoCal editor.
  • PolarOps – Polar viewer and editor.
  • UDPmon – tool for observing and testing the UDP broadcast.
  • WebItems – web browser and page editor for adding web pages to Race.


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