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OckamSoft 5 Race

OckamSoft 5 Race is the display application for PCs

OckamSoft 5 Race, EyeApp and Vysion are the display applications for OckamSoft 5, and use the same code base; Race is adapted for execution on a PC with a user interface (mouse or touch screen); EyeApp is adapted for mobile devices, while Vysion is adapted for use with embedded displays where there might not be a user interface. In all other respects, they are the same.

OckamSoft 5 Race Screen Types

Starting LineStarting line

The start page focuses on the starting line and boat. The upper corners display information about the starting line – the two bearings, and the length in yards and seconds. Both tack bearings are also shown.


Displays time to the laylines and wind variability data. The three layline sets are current (white), max wind right (green) and left (red).

ChartingCharting and AIS

OS5 charts consist of many small (256 by 256 bit) ‘tiles’ which are PNG files covering the United States. These are located in c:\OckamSoft 5\Tiles. OS5 installs scale 5 covering the entire chart area.

Polar PagePolar

This screen displays your polar at the current wind speed. The objective is to convey the various options for getting where you are going faster than anybody else.

The current wind is shown as a solid arrow, while the average wind is an outline arrow. Target points are shown; conventional (vertical lines), Wally (circles) and Vmc to the current mark (square). Your current sailing point is shown as a moving blob.

The Wally and Vmc sailing concepts are summarized at and is more fully covered in the Ockam U manual

Course InfoCourse info

This Race page gives you the leg-by-leg breakdown of your course including true and apparent wind, headings, elapsed time and which sail is expected.

 Numeric PageNumerics

The numeric pages show readouts of instrument data. There can be from 1 to 10 items per page, and there can be multiple pages. Items are color coded to help distinguish one item from another.

SailPlanSailPlan™ Crossover Chart

The SailPlan™ crossover chart application works in conjunction with instrument data and the current course to display sail crossover information, current and next-leg true wind conditions, apparent wind, tar-gets and wind statistics.

With this page, you can call the sail for the next leg, and determine if the current sail needs to be changed out.

Stripchart PageStripchart

Engine PageEngine

MOB PageMan overboard

Screen capture

Screen capture is a bitmap page created by the driver, of any application running on that machine. When the driver creates the bitmap for the first time, Race/Vysion creates and switches a new bitmap page containing the image. After this initial creation, you can navigate onto and off of the page.

 Web pages and images

When the internet is available, Race/Vysion can display real-time images from the web. Race/Vysion can show entire web pages, but the pixel pollution is too high for a good racing display page.

The driver can extract an image from many web pages and tell Race/Vysion to display only that graphic. No ads! We call these Web Images to differentiate them from Web Pages.

Accessory Windows & Widgets


This is an optional window on the right showing numeric values of your choice. Full name or symbols, and Number size and color coding can be set. See Charting above for an example.

Show current

Race graphic pages now optionally show the current as a vector (blue) and the amount of current with or against you (dCur -0.9 kt red against, green with).

This feature is selected in the Race page setup, and shows on all appropriate graphical pages.

Steering BarsSteering bars

There are two steering bars available – Speed (on the left) and angle (bottom). The white diamonds are target speed and angle, and the green diamonds are Wally speed and angle.

The angle bar is signed so if the markers are to the left of the bar, steer left (and vice versa). If you prefer wind orientation, upwind is the side the bar starts from.

This feature is controlled from Main setup with the “Steering” button.



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