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OckamSoft 5 Driver

Driver StatusThe OckamSoft 5 driver provides instrument connectivity, database distribution and Remote Coach™ services to all applications on your boat’s network.

  • Input to the driver comes from the instrument system and GPS.
  • Multiple output streams are available to allow multiple applications to access these input streams from the same or multiple computers.
  • Database distribution allows multiple applications to show the same data, e.g. the same racecourse. Updates from one application are distributed to all other apps.
  • Instrument status includes calibration, control and errors.
  • Remote Coach™ services allow monitoring of your (and other team boat) data remotely. Services include troubleshooting, calibration and updating.
  • The driver can check for and apply updates to a variety of OS5 applications.

The OS5 driver is compatible with Expetition and most other onboard software applications.

See how to set up the OS5 driver and set up Expedition.

OckamSoft 5 Driver streams

The primary job of the OS5 driver is to distribute instrument and GPS data to applications. As needs advance, multiple applications require this information, and the old point-to-point hard-wired model no longer applies. The use of Ethernet as the preferred distribution method also needs to be supported.

The OS5 driver aggregates input from UDP and serial ports into multiple UDP, serial and TCP streams for use by these applications.

Driver Database DistributionOckamSoft 5 Driver Database

Another consequence of multiple applications is the need for live synchronized data. If one application pings a mark or changes the course, all other applications should become aware of and respond to this. These items are distributed via the Info Server component of the OS5 driver.

  • The OS5 driver maintains a mark and course database. Changes in this database are forwarded to all other InfoServer clients. This database can be initialized from Expedition.
  • Other components include polar files and SailPlan™ crossover chart.

Driver Remote CoachRemote Coach™

Remote Coach, when enabled by you, extends your connectivity off the boat to allow various experts access to your data. Experts are available for troubleshooting your system, remote setup, updating software and calibration.

Read more about Remote Coach here.
Review what it takes to become Remote Coach enabled.

Driver Instrument StatusInstrument status and control

The driver provides 9 tabs of information about your instrument system. They include overall Status, Input, Output, Configuration & Errors, Averages & Calibrations, AutoCal, Options & Other (shown), Variables (e.g. Boatspeed), and the T1 file directory.

Other tabs provide control for Displays, the Lynx keyfob, Built-In-Functions and Logging.

Driver Marks And CoursesMarks & Courses

As mentioned above, distribution of your courses is important to a smoothly running information system. The best way to maintain this type of data is by a graphical application (e.g. Expedition), so the driver can download your Expedition marks and courses, and send them to other applications.

Driver Tack TrackerTack Tracker™

The driver automatically monitors for, records and analyzes your tacks. Each tack is analyzed for;

  • Distance lost to windward (DLw).
  • Average wind, boatspeed and current.
  • Wind and current changes thru the tack (Wiggles).

This data provides information for tacking training and wind calibration.

Driver Onboard NetworkOnboard network

This tab provides information about your local network. This can be used to determine if there is a problem with a missing computer without having to call in the IT staff.

Driver SailPlanSailPlan™ Crossover Chart

SailPlan™ crossover chart provides sail data, course true wind angles (including the next leg) and wind statistics to help you decide what to put up next. You can build your sail database yourself or ask your sailmaker for his input. Sail data can be edited graphically and exchanged with an Excel spreadsheet.

This graphic is exported to Vysion displays and OckamSoft 5 for display with live wind information.

More information….

Driver UpdatingUpdating

When internet connection is available, the OS5 driver checks for the latest upgrades to itself and any other accessible Ockam applications on your local network. The update mechanism also includes a rollback feature in case the update does not succeed.


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