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Trim Steer Functions

The Ockam system trim steer functions are used by helmsmen and sail trimmers to provide feedback for optimizing performance.

True wind angle

is useful for helming, orienting the boat relative to the true wind. It is especially valuable downwind where the human sensor system has less input.

Apparent wind angle & speed

is sometimes used for sail trim because the sails feel apparent wind. It is the equivalent of the windex.

Trim & SeaState

are derived from pitch information provided by a 3D compass or AHRS. Trim is the average fore-and-aft angle of the hull, used for crew positioning. Sea state is the average amount the angle changes per wave.


Controls from Matryx and 005 displays and Lynx controller allow start/stop and reset/sync.

Heel angle

is an indication of wind pressure on the sails and thereby the force driving the boat. Most crews believe their inner ears rather than reading the heading display, but heel is used by the Ockam system for true wind and to correct apparent wind, calculate leeway and switch and calibrate boatspeed.

By default, heel comes from an internal sensor of the T2 interface, but the output of a 3D compassvia heading or an AHRS input to the T1 processor automatically replaces it.


Loadcells monitor proper rig tension.

A loadcell sensor can be attached directly to the system via the 067 Loadcell processor.

If an external loadcell processor is used, can be hooked to the T1 processor, the T2 interface or the 066 Loadcell interface.


keeps tab on movable components e.g. rudders, tabs, centerboards, mast ram or cunningham.

Rudder & Tab

help in helming and for analysis of log files.

Mast angle

Catamarans and other high performance craft sometimes have rotating spars or wingsails. This causes a problem getting wind data, because the masthead sensor rotates with the mast. The Mast Rotation Interface takes care of this problem by measuring the mast angle and adding it to the measured masthead angle to get apparent wind angle.


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