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Troubleshooting Displays

Display Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting displays deals with of individual display issues other than wrong numbers (see Functional Troubleshooting) or multiple blank displays (see Bus Troubleshooting or Power Troubleshooting).


A blank display usually means that the indicator has no power.

  • System not turned on.
  • Bad ship’s battery voltage. See Power Troubleshooting.
  • Blown CPU power fuse.
  • Cable problem. See Bus Troubleshooting.
  • Nonexistent function. Try changing pages.
  • Blown fuse in the indicator.


Weird display means things like imbedded spaces, extra or missing punctuation, etc.

  • Low battery voltage. See Power Troubleshooing.
  • Cable problem. See Bus Troubleshooting.
  • Bad function. Try changing pages.
  • If a weird display persists with one indicator. Try cycling the power, otherwise return for service.

± (005 Display)

This “all-eights” display is generated by the the 005 or 044 segmented indicator as soon as it receives power. When any other information comes along for the indicator to display, it replaces it with that information. During normal power-up, this display is replaced by the HI display generated during the CPU power-up process. If the “all-eights” display remains, probable causes are:

  • Nonexistent function. Try the TEST Configuration which is always available.
  • Bad cable or connector causing low voltage at the indicator.
  • Bad indicator.
  • CPU program failed (all indicators would display “all-eights”). Send the CPU back for service.

8888 (005 Display)

This display is different from the “all-eights” display because it lacks punctuation. If the display only shows this and never behaves normally, it should be sent in for service.

-HI- (005 Display)

This display is generated by the 001 processor and sent to all indicators as part of its power-up procedure. Therefore, you should see this display momentarily just after you turn the system on, and before normal operation commences. If the HI display stays remains displayed;

  • No card in display.
  • Interface for card is missing. See Configuration.
  • (When starting engine) Power drain when starting engine lowers battery supply below 10.5 volts. Try putting the battery selector switch to 1 or 2 instead of BOTH, to separate the service load (ie Ockam) from the engine starter load.

-E1- (005 Display)

This display is generated by the 005 when it has lost the timing signal from the CPU. The cable between the CPU and the indicator is still at least partially OK, because the indicator is still receiving power. Connecting or disconnecting modules from the cable sometimes causes this display to appear momentarily.

  • (If all displays) CPU is not generating any signals on the cable. (CPU internal fuse F2 may be blown).
  • Water in the cable. See Ockam Bus Troubleshooting.
  • Bad indicator.

Lxxx (005 Display)

This type of display is generated by the 005 when it is in card test mode. (See 005 Cards). Cycle power to return the display to normal operation.

—- (005 Display)

This display is generated by the 005 whenever it detects that the function card has been changed. It will be replaced by the first displayable data that comes along after a new function card has been inserted. If a card is installed in the indicator with no result, it means…

  • Missing interface. See Configuration.
  • Bad function card. Put the TEST Card chip into the display until it switches to test card mode (L377). Then put the suspect card in. The number should match the value given in Tag List.


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