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Troubleshooting Configuration

System Configuration

The functions the system outputs depends mostly on what interfaces are online. If no boatspeed sensor is attached, there will be no boatspeed output. Many functions depend on combinations of inputs. For example, it takes boatspeed and apparent wind inputs to produce true wind angle.

When an interface drops out, the problem is usually detected when a function stops working. This table goes from function to interface.

Missing Function Required input(s)
Boatspeed, Logs Boatspeed
Heading Heading
Apparent wind angle & speed Wind
Heel Wind or 3D Heading
True wind angle & speed Boatspeed & Wind
Wind Direction Boatspeed, Wind & Heading
Waypoint R/B GPS or onboard software
Laylines Boatspeed, Wind, Heading & GPS or onboard software
Depth Depth
Sea Temperature BaroTemp or Depth/Temperature
Air Temperature BaroTemp or Sonic Wind

Q interfaces such as Loadcell or Displacement are dependent on their particular interface being present.

Test Configuration (tag “Z”)describes the interfaces the processor sees. It is the sum of the numbers shown in the table.To determine if a particular interface is online, divide the Test Configuration by the table value. If the integer part is odd, the interface is online. If it is even, the interface is missing.Example: Test Configuration is 43.

  • Do you have boatspeed?
    • 43÷2 is 21.5, or ‘odd’. Boatspeed is online.
  • How about wind?
    • 43÷4 is 10.75, or ‘even’. Wind is offline
  • Compass?
    • Online. Do the math.

You should write your normal Configuration number down so you can more easily determine if an interface is missing.

Value Indicates
1 001 Clock or T1 receiving ZDA
2 Boatspeed (015 or T2)
4 Wind (022 or T2)
8 Heading (032 or T1 or T2)
16 Depth (028 or T1 or T2)
32 Polar (001+037 or T1 with Polar file)
64 GPS (001+041 or T1 with GPS input)
128 060 Rudder
256 072 Barometer/Temperature
512 Any Q interface
1024 Mast Rotation
2048 AHRS Motion Package

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