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Service and Support

Service and Support

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Ockam is the only instrument company with a program that promises to keep its instruments up and running, even on short notice. If a component fails, call our service department and get a replacement part delivered by overnight package service. Then send the defective component back for service later.


Ockam Instruments, Inc.
300 Pepe’s Farm Road #3072, Milford CT 06460
(203)877-7453 Ext. 1001
Skype: ockam-service (text only)

To expedite handling, please fill out our Repair Authorization.
and fax it to (203)878-0572 or Email it to

 A few recommendations when sending an item in for repair:

Contact us first:

The problem you are encountering could possibly be remedied in the field. It could be something as simple asa disconnected wire or blown fuse! By resolving the problem on the boat, you will save yourself the time and expense of removing the item and shipping it. You will also probably gain insight into what exactly is going wrong so that you know how to handle the problem in the future.

Package your instruments securely:

Nothing is more frustrating than having to pay more for a repair because the item was damaged in shipping. Be sure to place the item(s) in a sturdy box with adequate padding. If shipping more than one display of the sametype, you might consider placing them together,glass to glass, and then wrapping them in padding. This helps protect against glass breakage in transit. Otherwise, make sure that everything is well-protected against damage.

Use the correct shipping details:

Be sure you are sending the package to the correct address; we have recently moved after 20 years in the same location. If sending from outside the USA, be sure that you have included the correct documentation. Be sure to describe the items as “Electronic navigation equipment for repair by manufacturer”, and indicate the number 9801.00.1012 at the Harmonized Tariff Code for US Customs. If sending more than one package with items, please indicate how many packages are in the shipment. Also, once you have shipped the item, please send us the tracking number for the package so we can watch for any problems.

Enclose a completed Repair Authorization form indicating the following information:

  • Model and serial numbers of all equipment (if legible)
  • Your return shipping address
  • Your contact information, including telephone number, Cell phone number, fax number, and email address if applicable
  • A good description of the problem; the more information we have, the less time we will spend finding it. Also indicate any additional work you would like done.
  • Credit card number and expiration date, and billing address if different than the shipping address

How to disconnect a component yourself

Disconnect BusUnmount the component. Interfaces are sometimes mounted using Velcro fastehers.

    1. Disconnect the Ockam bus connector.
    2. Rotate the connector 1/4 turn counter-clockise.
    3. Pull it off.

Disconnect wiresInterfaces:

  1. Remove the lid.
  2. Disconnect the sensor wires. If power is involved, disconnect it first, and disconnect ground last.
    • Note the terminal and wire color.
    • Depress the spring clip.
    • Pull the wire out of the terminal strip.
  3. Unscrew the gland nut and pull the cable out.


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