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Expedition update v5.2.2

For those of you out there that use Expedition to fulfill your racing software needs, there is an update available that addresses a funny bug when communicating to the Ockam system (especially T1 processors). It seems that during the background housekeeping that goes on during a graceful software shutdown, Expedition can send commands that set all the calibrations to 0.00, causing some math headaches (multiplication by zero, for instance) when the system runs without Expedition. This usually manifests as ridiculously high windspeeds, or absurdly low boat speeds. A reset of the T1 processor returns the system to normal operation.

We believe that this problem only affected Expedition installs newer than v5.1, but if you are experiencing these symptoms, try updating your Expedition installation to resolve the issue, especially if you are using AutoCal tables in Expedition. I have personally only spoken with four separate boats having this issue, so I do not believe the problem to be widespread. As usual, only the earlier adopters felt the growing pains.

Many thanks to Nick White for his quick and capable resolution for Expedition!

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